The IndoBoard Original is the simplest model for learning to balance. It brings fun, whatever age and skill to everyone.
The basic goal is to ride the IndoBoard as long as possible while the board is not allowed to touch the ground.
Designed for fun, it trains in balance the muscle core areas. You can learn all the exercises you want on this model. (Attention 114kg max. Weight) We expressly point out to you that the use of a balance-trainer subverts your own responsibility.
You can seriously injure yourself if you lose your balance and fall off the balance trainer. Therefore, we urge you to set up the exercises so that you can rest safely in case you get out of whack.
- Length 76cm / width 45cm, with scooter 15cm diameter
- For beginners and advanced users of all ages and levels
- Learn all the tricks with the Indo Board Original
- With Demo DVD (English)

239.00 CHF 239.0 CHF

239.00 CHF

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