The Indo Rocker Board deck measures 33” x 16” and has a "rocker" or "reverse-camber" bottom. This rocker bottom means that the deck has a continuous curve from end to end which results in less deck contacting the roller, creating a much looser action. This allows the rider to perform advanced balance board tricks like 180º, 360º spins and shutvits with minimal effort.  Additionally, the Indo Rocker Board does not have our traditional end stops on the underside of the deck.
This increases the amount of travel from end to end by 4 1/2 inches  which also makes the Indo Rocker board easier to rotate and spin.  The Indo Rocker Board uses the same 6.5" diameter roller that all our "Original" models come with.  If you own an Indo Original model and think you have mastered it, then the Indo Rocker Board is your next logical challenging and fun upgrade.


  • Deck dimensions: 33” X 16”

  • Roller size: 6.5” diameter

  • Weight limit: 225 lbs

  • Deck construction: 11/16” Cabinet-grade, Baltic Birch plywood with non-slip surface

  • Roller construction: indestructible molded plastic with three strips of grip tape

  • Includes: deck, roller and instructional DVD

  • 5 deck colors available

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