For more than 30 years, the German company MEDICAL IN has been engaged in research, development of ion energy products to improve performance, vitality and improve the quality of life. The method allows to compress minus ions of the environment and burn on silicate bodies. These silicate bodies are used in our various product areas and are proven to significantly increase our energy level, which we need in everyday life.


In order to understand the principle of "healthy" and "disease-causing" energy, one has to take a look at the smallest building blocks of our body: the atoms. In the normal state, atoms contain as many protons as electrons. Is an electron now created by various influences Excess, the atom charges and becomes a negatively charged anion. If there is a lack of electrons, it charges positively and becomes a positively charged cation. The minus ions in atmospheric oxygen have a valuable property: due to their negative charge, they attract, bind and oxidize harmful germs floating freely in the air.

Negative Charge = Healthy

In the negatively charged state, ions take on an important regulatory function for the organism. Studies have shown that the body has the highest ability to regenerate at 6,000 minus ions per cubic centimeter of air: it is healthy. The more minus ions we can absorb from the environment, the more vital we become. No wonder that people feel fitter in some places than in others: in the mountains the air contains over 3,000, on the beach up to 30,000 and near waterfalls even up to 50,000 minus ions per cubic centimeter! In contrast, more than 500 minus ions are rarely measured indoors, and often only 100 minus ions in concrete buildings. Diseases also have their own individual positive charges - although "positive" unfortunately makes people ill. If we now frequently expose ourselves to such influences, the body gets into degenerative stress - the result is lassitude, headache, tension, tired eyes and a poor general condition up to depression ... and worse.


There is good news: There are ways to actively expose yourself to the healing minus ions. Because not everyone can spontaneously travel to the mountains or the Niagara Falls, we researched until an ideal solution for health was found down to the smallest cell. The unique Medical-IN product create negatively charged ion environment that literally relieves the strain on the body cells: Oxygen absorption is promoted, waste substances are better excreted and natural self-regulation is reactivated.

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