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Avantgarde Energetic

The manufacturers of Avantgarde Energetic products utilize new insights gleaned from quantum physics.

They proceed on the assumption that a specific energetic value can be transmitted to support material. With this energetic value it is also possible to transmit information at the same time. 

The information technology is an Avantgarde procedure that offers unimagined possibilities. Avantgarde Energetic is striving to make these new possibilities available to people through a range of selected products.

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Indo Board

Indo Board  is the #1 training tool for providing the fun and functionality that wakeboarders, wakeskaters, wakesurfers, skaters and waterskiers require. Since 1998, core skaters have known the Indo Board  is the best way for skaters to have fun, improve their balance and practice their tricks when they are stuck indoors.

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Mobile phones, wireless beacons, etc. are anything than harmless, this is proven by more and more independent studies. We can not just flee from electrosmog, but we can and should protect ourselves from the effects of this radiation exposure. 

RayGuard is the solution to protect and strengthen your loved ones and yourself towards the harmful effects from electrosmog / EMF (electromagnetic fields).

RayGuard is a complementary product for our modern Life-style with smart phones, WIFI, bluetooth, wireless Internet, DECT phones, computers, tablets, etc. everywhere around us.

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