Indo Board Original mini natural / mit Rolle

The IndoBoard Mini Original is slightly smaller than the IndoBoard Original.
It was initially developed for use with the IndoFLO. Whether with the IndoFLO cushion or the mini roller, the board is ideally suited for small people (children or beginners), who first want to work out a smaller stage before venturing on the big things.
It is just as versatile for learning the advanced tricks and maneuvers!
The IndoBoard Mini Original is especially suitable for children, but also for all persons. The smaller scooter gives more safety and freedom of movement.
We expressly point out that the use of a balance-trainer subverts your own responsibility. You can seriously injure yourself if you lose your balance and fall off the balance trainer. Therefore, we urge you to set up the exercises so that you can rest safely in case you get out of whack.
- Length 70cm / Width 38cm, with roller 13cm diameter
- Suitable for children and beginners
- Learn all the tricks with the Indo Board Original Mini
- with Demo DVD (English)

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195.00 CHF

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