IndoFLO pillow

The IndoFLO - cushions can be ordered separately. With the IndoFLO pillow you can train the proprioceptive abilities without risk. With the IndoFLO pillow under the Indo you move quietly. The air cushion creates a free flowing instability that challenging, fun and immediate strengthening core muscles and balance training entails. Recommended for all ages and skill The cushion can be inflated by mouth. So you can vary the workout intensity. The packaging shows different exercises that you can do with the IndoFLO pillows. Specifications: 35.5cm diameter polyvinyl cushion (inflatable) Can be used for any Indo slips the IndoBoards or does not roll off the pillow is recommended for all ages and skill through the oral inflation, the hardness of the pillow can be varied.

69.00 CHF 69.0 CHF

69.00 CHF

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