Indo Board Mini Kicktail rasta / with roller

Only for experienced users Indo !!! The Indo Board Mini Kicktail is specifically designed for advanced skate tricks: Ollies, Heelflips, Shuv-its, Grinds & slides, etc. Grabs Attention: Board there is no guarantee and it can under extreme loads break (63kg max weight.). WARNING: Use at your own risk! We expressly point out that the use of a balance-coach your own responsiblity. One can seriously injured when one loses his balance and falls off the balance trainer. Therefore, we recommend that you dringenst to set up the exercises so that you can safely rely, if you are out of balance. Specifications: - Length 81cm / Width 22cm, 13cm diameter with scooter - Caution: Do not stop at the bottom of the board - Suitable for professionals and advanced

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209.00 CHF

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