Indo Board PRO Classic Surf ( Blau ) mit Rolle

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379.00 CHF

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The IndoBoard is ideal for tall people who need a wider stand space. Ideal for snowboarders and all-terrain boarders, and ideal for long-board surfers who want to practice their footwork or learn "cross-step", "drop knee" turns, "spinners" and "hanging on the tip".
The heavier the IndoBoard and the larger the role, the more intense the "workout".
This ideally improves the leg strength for short and longboarders. (Attention: 159kg max. Weight)
We expressly point out that the use of a balance trainer is your own responsibility.
You can get seriously injured if you lose your balance and fall off the balance trainer. Therefore, we urge you to set up the exercises so that you can rest safely in case you get out of whack.
- Length 107cm / Width 38cm, with roller 22cm diameter
- Suitable for professionals and advanced
- with demo DVD