Energy Badge "SYNAPTICO rubin"

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Energy badge "SYNAPTICO rubin". The solution against technical electrosmog and environmental radiation exposure. For mobile phones, tablet PCs, computers, laptops and all other wireless devices. Easy to attach - acts directly on the device diameter 27 mm. To date, there are over four billion mobile phone users worldwide, accounting for about two-thirds of the world's population. Transmission towers are already available everywhere, but digital mobile communications only started its progressive breakthrough 15 years ago. For about as long, the question is being discussed as to whether cell phone radiation could be harmful to humans. With regard to those who are sensitive to electrosensitivity and the general need to protect themselves, the Energy Badge has been developed. In doing so, we specifically focus on the synthesis of three core aspects. While RayGuard® incorporates quartz, which has always been used against the effects of various types of radiation, Penergetic® contributes its physical energy programming method to maximize the overall effect. The synthesis is channeled into the in-house avant-garde Energetic® design, which has a significant role in symbolism and color .... call it magic

- against cell phone radiations - harmful radiations are being re-modeled - RayGuard technology inside - Penergetic technology inside