The high-performance generator Pyragon harmonizes your indoor climate and noticeably improves the air. It increases atmospheric energy throughout your living area or workplace, and especially in the area of influence of computers or in the vicinity of GMS transmitting systems, radar and radio stations.
Application: For direct body use, e.g. with selective support of individual organs, always hold, lay or place the pyragon with the metal membrane at the body area to be supported. The Pyragon is not bound to any stand or depends on a direction setting.

Inside there is a reinforcement principle, which has the task to control the negative ions in the direction of the metal membrane and release them in reinforced form.

L/W/H: 10 x 10 x15 cm
Weight: about 500 gr
Material: Ceramic

400.20 CHF 400.2 CHF

400.20 CHF

SKU: V1001

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