With the AquaVitalis water revitalizer for on the go or at home, you always have fresh and vital water with you. AquaVitalis is placed in water carafes, drinking bottles, sports bottles, drinking water for pets or in flower water to enhance the water. By revitalizing your drinking water, it provides sufficient energy reserves to support. After about 2-3 minutes, the AquaVitalis Stick has reached its effect in the water and can remain in the vessel for any length of time.

Water carafes
Sports bottles
Drinking water for pets
Flower water
AquaVitalis is designed for a quantity of up to 10 liters.

Dimensions: 7x1 cm
Weight: 30 gr.
Material: V2A stainless steel

41.40 CHF 41.4 CHF

41.40 CHF

SKU: W1010

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